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A/B 8 Speaker switch box
Controlled via RS-232 (9600/N/8/1), IR or X10 Including IR remote
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Connect one or two amplifiers and up to 8 pairs of 8-ohm speakers to the AB8SS speaker switcher to effortlessly zone stereo music to different areas of your house. Each pair of speakers can be turned on or off independently of the others. Enjoy classical music in the kitchen and family room as the children study their homework upstairs in their quiet bedrooms. When dinner is ready, activate the upstairs speakers and call them down. Wake up to soft music in the morning, be lulled to sleep with your favorite jazz CD in the evening. Use your computer to announce Caller-ID information to different parts of the house or to make special musical alarm clocks for each family member. With the AB8SS at the heart of your whole-house audio system, your imagination is the limit.
The switcher has two sets of stereo inputs; a different amplifier can be attached to each. You might have your standard tuner/amplifier attached to one input, and your computer's amplified sound output attached to the other. Only one amplifier is active at a time. Switching of speakers and input selection can be made by Infrared remote control, X-10 command (TW-523 required) or direct serial commands (sample QBASIC program). Selected speakers are represented by individual LED's. Speaker outputs, stereo inputs, power coupling and IR repeater connections are all made with quick-detach screw-down terminals. Control options and X-10 command assignment functions are set with the included Windows configuration program. The AB8SS provides impedance matching protection to the attached amplifiers. Enclosed in a case made of heavy-duty steel, the AB8SS, designed and manufactured in the USA, will provide years of trouble-free service.

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